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Sometimes within coaching practice we might tend to focus too much in the GOAL. In spiritual coaching we focus in your True Self, your purpose in Life and your non ordinary experiences or practice

Unfortunately spiritual development is not structured or fully supported outside conventional religion or a particular type of practice or group. What tends to happen lots of times is that we tiptoe in different experiences or practices which start to bring up issues, emotions and sometimes experiences that are difficult to deal with emotionally, rationally and energetically.

The reason why I know this is because I have been there, done that and no matter where I went for answers all I was getting was the limitations of the discipline, the practice or facilitator unable to adapt beyond the labels where they were trying to box my being, my challenge or my experience. So I know.

The Spiritual path is the untrodden path and as such is unique to each one of us and in that uniqueness is the challenge when the support we get is bias, has an agenda or is limited to one school of thinking.

My own path has been marked deeply by amazing teachers in various physical and non physical forms. Basically, I learned the tough way but it doesn't have to be that way unless it is your path to do so. And if it is, you wouldn't be here right now reading this.

You are not alone, and whatever it is... trust me I have seen enough to know it is ok and you can go through. And if you just want to explore and have tonnes and tonnes of questions, well, we can do that too.

No matter what remember that spirituality it's also fun.

FREE Soul Connection Session

If you want to know more or have questions and would like to know if this is for you, please get in touch to arrange a Soul Connection Session FREE of charge. We will use this session to learn about you, your challenges, needs and wants but also for you to clarify any doubts and establish if you feel comfortable to allow me to support you in your journey.

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