Holistic Business Coaching



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So, yes you know your industry, you know what you want to do, you know well your clients… but how well do you know yourself?.

Each one of us face different challenges in different times and it is impossible to know the what, when or how. We don’t know the future. But there is one thing which is constant and you have control over it: YOU.

Ensuring that in each step of the way YOU have the resources, tools and support you need not only a business level but also at personal level is the formula to SUCCESS.

Our core programme is the Startup ReBOOT Programme which is also great value for money and in some cases funding might also be available. But you also have the opportunity to book a one to one session as a follow up or if you specific needs can be solved with only two or three sessions.

We will identify your needs, resources and we will reduce the gap between them.
The Holistic Business Coaching sessions are custom made with YOU for YOU:
  • Holistic: I believe that every part of who we are is intimately interconnected so to make real impact and profound change we must look at ourselves in all dimensions. So the coaching process is not limited to just “business” but by embracing the unlimited within YOU.
  • Personalised: Each one of us are different and have different skills, knowledge and experience so the programme pulls away from creating a standard process and works with YOU on a ONE to ONE basis based on your own personal profile.
  • Custom made: Every session is designed based on YOUR NEEDS and every programme is different and based on your goals and how can YOU overcome your challenges.

In that process we will use together multiple tools and activities as a combination of different disciplines: from business coaching, to NLP, Mindfulness and any other resource necessary.

If you already have a clear understanding of your challenges, we will prioritise them and tackle them one by one. Otherwise, we will explore what standing blocks you are facing and create a plan of action. No matter what, YOU DECIDE and I will CHALLENGE.

“Time to ReBOOT, Time to Succeed”


"Elora's guidance for me and my business has been hugely beneficial. She has helped me to see more clearly and has given me the skills to move forward more confidently with the tools in place to deal with anything the future holds. The one on one coaching meant that Elora tailored our meetings to my specific needs and was able to devise a way of working that would benefit me the most as an individual. I feel that after a number of life coaching sessions with her,  I will  have no problem turning my business into a sustainable one."

Sophia - Wood Moon Studio, Kilkenny (Ireland)


How does it work?

The Startup ReBOOT Programme consists in 8 one to one coaching sessions (one hour each). The frequency is flexible and is determined by YOU but you must complete all the sessions within 6 months from the starting date.

So take action and give me a call or send an email to discuss your Startup ReBOOT Programme!

 I’m here to help you succeed!

FREE Chemistry Session

If you want to know more or have questions and would like to know if this is for you, please get in touch to arrange a Chemistry Session FREE of charge. We will use this session to learn about you, your challenges, needs and wants but also for you to clarify any doubts and establish if you feel comfortable to allow me to support you in your journey.


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  • Email: elora@letsmoveon.ie
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