Personal R-Evolution



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There is always a time, a perfect moment, that second, minute where everything changes... and it is your choice to make that time NOW. It's time to take a leap and go to battle. But it's not a bad battle... but an opportunity to revolt and create change in your world... to evolve.

It's time to battle our limitations, past experiences that have not being integrated, belief systems, conditioning, lack of clarity, self doubt... entertaining the possibility of "not being possible"... anything that's holding us back.

It is your own personal battle your R-Evolution

This one day intense workshop is very practical, and gives you really powerful tools from NLP, coaching and even journeying and Alchemy to accelerate change. The workshop is for people who want to transform themselves = their lives, and don't have a problem getting their hands dirty in the process. People like you who want to understand themselves better and create better lives for themselves and the people around them. People like you who want to be empowered, take responsibility, make a difference and are ready to learn the secrets of manifestation and leave the old ways behind.

In this hands on workshop we work through our past, present and future. Releasing and letting go of limitations while embracing intellectually, emotionally and spiritually new outcomes and possibilities for our future. Personal R-Evolution is a personal reboot.

This workshop is a transformational experience.

These are the topics and agenda for the day:

  • Embracing potential.
  • Keys to empowerment.
  • Self discovery or the path to freedom.
  • Drivers of success.
  • Strategic visioning and goals.
  • Behaviours and Negative emotions.
  • Change that lasts.
  • Alchemy: transformation & manifestation.
  • Integration

Price include workbook, materials and lunch.

Is this for me?

  • Are you a human? if the answer is yes... it is for you.
  • Are you living to your full potential? if the answer is no... it is for you.
  • Are you struggling to make changes in your life? Is it difficult to go on that diet, the gym, start something new? if the answer is yes... it is for you.
  • Are you not sure of what you really want in life? if the answer is yes... it is for you.
  • Are you ready to do what needs to be done even if you are not sure the what or how? if the answer is yes... it is for you.
  • Do you know what you want but have no idea how to get it? if the answer is yes... it is for you.
  • Are you ready for change? then, this is definitely for you.

Your Investment

  • One day workshop: €220 includes workbook and lunch. Finance available on request but deposit must be paid in full.
  • Early bird discount might be available.

Any questions?

Contact Elora at or +353 (0)86 32 45 300