Spiritual Healing



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Spiritual Healing is natural, non-invasive and fully compatible with medical treatments, practices and/or belief systems.

1 hour session

"As multidimensional beings we need multidimensional solutions" - Elora

During healing, energy will work and channel to where it's necessary at physical, emotional, mental, energetically and spiritual level. You can look at this process from a spiritual or energetic perspective including quantum physics.

As a trance medium channel I would manifest physically how Source Energy comes through my body to facilitate you to tap into it. This is quite rare and can be quite fascinating to watch and a different experience from working with other practitioners.

I work with my spirit guides, ancestors, power animals and source itself to support you creating that energy connection. To start I'll connect and create a contract with your higher self who will be dictating the what, when and how of the healing process. Basically, I'm only a conduit, a channel, but you are in control of the healing and fully empowered even if you might not be aware of it at conscious level.

Healing doesn't have to be used specifically to deal with an ailment, it's also a great maintenance practice to keep you balance, facilitate change and transformation and in my case help manifestation and synchronistic reality. Attunement to a higher vibration of energy tends to happen with regular clients which will consequently manifest in changes in your life and your own perceptions of reality.

Even do I have trained as Reiki Master, Seichem Master in the early 2000's and later on in some shamanic practices I facilitate healing through a sacred but unlimited and unlabelled connection. It is my duty in this lifetime to maintain the channel. Keeping it flexible, open, clean and as ego free as possible to facilitate in servitude and support your journey, connection an ultimate experience.

It is my duty and honour to support you to go as far as you want to go for the good of all concerned and with no strings attached.