"I have received various healing sessions and spiritual guidance from Elora during the last few years, and I guarantee that as soon as you meet her and see how she works then you will understand how special and gifted she is. 
During the healing and spiritual coaching sessions with her, I was able to experience first hand how she channels healing and information for you in a very unique and powerful way and how accurate/meaningful it is when you receive it.
Elora is very down to earth and caring and she will always make you feel at ease; through her gift and kind nature, professionalism and out of the box approach, she has helped me develop at a personal, spiritual and professional level to a point that I had never expected.
The best way I can describe is that it was literally “life changing”. - Maria, Dublin

"This type of healing was new to me and so I found Elora's professionalism and calm and supportive approach very reassuring. 

The healing itself has had a deep and lasting impact. I will definitely be back for further sessions. Highly recommended!" - Carl, Dublin


"Elora's guidance for me and my business has been hugely beneficial. She has helped me to see more clearly and has given me the skills to move forward more confidently with the tools in place to deal with anything the future holds.

The one on one coaching meant that Elora tailored our meetings to my specific needs and was able to devise a way of working that would benefit me the most as an individual. I feel that after a number of life coaching sessions with her,  I will  have no problem turning my business into a sustainable one." - Sophia - Wood Moon Studio, Kilkenny (Ireland)


"Eye opening advice that makes you revaluate the way you look at certain things. Elora has allowed me to develop to a level I never imagined. The future is bright" - Conor, Dublin


"I Have subscribed to  the Mindfulness course not really knowing what is about and what will I achieve with it.

Now after completing it I know that is not about crossing the end line but is all about the journey! Is not about an eight weeks course but a life time experience! Such an eye opener…Who am I? Where was I? What was I looking for?

I feel that I have a goal now: to practise (not sure if is the right word..more like “be” or “live”) what was revealed to me, something we all have or are, bared deep inside and forgotten! 
Thank you Elora for opening my eyes and my heart, because I know now if I live my life mindfully everything else will fall into the place naturally!
 SO BRING IT ON UNIVERSE!" - Lili, Carlow 


"The Mindfulness course I was recently part of was absolutely transformational for me. Words can not express how much Elora’s wonderful teaching has enriched my life. I am looking at everything with new eyes now. I have learned new skills and discovered resources within me that I would never imagine were there. Elora is warm, knowledgeable and engaging teacher who has true gift in the kind. She embodies compassion and she is highly skilled.
Her approach was informal and conversational so we all felt very comfortable. Very safe and nurturing space. Extremely thoughtful and provoking training designed for people who are looking to invest in their personal development. If you want to discover the power within you transform your life to be fulfilled ever after, face your fears and learn the skills to be your own best friend through the ups and downs of life, this course is definitely for you!"  - Eva, Carlow

"Mindfulness course was an eye opening!! Thank you Elora" - E, Kilkenny


"Elora was an invaluable resource to me in a time of change. I was contemplating my next life journey and through her coaching and mentoring, she helped me find the answers and solutions. With her encouragement and insightful, probing questions, I create the plan for the next steps and still use the techniques she shared with me today, 8 years later.

She was a pleasure to work with and provides a lovely balance of directness and kindness." - Holly, Dublin


"Elora is a fantastic coach. She helped me to identify a goal and a direction to achieve. I was able to work on prioritising areas of my life which I hadn't considered making a priority before her sessions" - Ciara, Dublin

"Just completed this course and if you are interested in Mindfulness do not miss out. Elora is an excellent tutor, so enthusiastic and interested in the participants. I looked forward to attending each week. 
It is a bonus that I can now join one of her weekly Mindfulness Practice sessions and practice what I learned" - Mary, Carlow


"I have been enjoying Elora’s guidance in my spiritual path and personal development for a long time. A  journey that Elora has always ensured I made at my own pace, my own terms and fulfilling all my personal needs. Elora’s Distant Healing is helping me release burdens at physical and emotional level during a very complex moment of my life helping me to bring back to balance my emotional and mental well-being. - Bea, Dublin-Madrid



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