My name is Elora and I'm here to rock your boat. This might not be what you expected or what you want to hear. But if you have already landed on my website and click on this page... means that your boat is stuck, haven't really left the harbour, is floating with no direction or able to get to destination.

So yes, you know what I'm talking about, right? So, yes... I'm here to rock your boat. I'm here to support you, hold you, challenge you, cry with you, laugh with you and do whatever is needed to help you clear the way so you can get to where you want to go. And if you don't know where you want to go... well... we will figure out together and create that reality for you.

Ultimately I'll help you CHANGE and TRANSFORM empowering you to design your life and be the creator of your own destiny.

To do that, we need to take a decision, take action, commit and be willing to surrender to the experience of letting go of our perception of Self. This might sound easy but it can be extremely challenging and a scary process without guidance. The great news is that we have many tools available to help us move forward in a safe and empowering manner towards a new reality. So, yes... you can do it!!.

Everything is possibleEverything can be changed... even the past. The only limitations are within the mindset that has created the reality we are in. And Mindset can be changed.

So, you might wonder who I am, how I got here... and most likely how can I help you. Well... here is a bit about me... and my story.

Mindfulness + Coaching + Spirituality + Healing 


Business Background

I have over 15 years of experience as Project, Event and Business Development Manager for Blue Chip companies and the charity sector in Ireland. I got involved in the food industry setting up the Devils Menu Cookery School and Made in Heaven marshmallows back in 2014 in Co Kilkenny showcased in RTE Today's Show, RTE Nationwide, Irish Times and Kilkenny People. But I also worked as consultant and trainer over the years.

My real passion is coaching, training and the challenge to make the impossible… possible.

I was very well known as the "fixing lady" in other words, the Business Development Manager for BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition, for over 6 years. Where I gave a new spin to the organisation of the competition and exceed targets for up to 40% in three years and I secured sponsors like Google,  

I have worked with clients and projects from a wide rage of industries from food production, to tourism... even a meat factory!. Which has given me a huge flexibility and insight in the common denominators of all of them. And the most important one of all is: the human you are.

Big part of my success lies in my passion for creating great customer relationships and focusing on win-win outcomes, creating synergy with different organisations and companies.

I hold a Degree in Business & Management, a Diploma in Life and Business Coaching, a Certificate in Training and Development and have trained in different disciplines and areas of personal development including Mindfulness (see below "certificates and other bits").

I'm the founder of an exciting project: The Haven a Mindfulness, Events and Arts & Crafts Centre in the beautiful town of Graiguenamanagh in Co Kilkenny. I work with Dyspraxia Ireland and HADD offering one to one sessions, talks and programmes to their members, but also as tutor for the ETB (Education Training Board) while I coach individuals and small startups privately and in conjunction with Kilkenny Leader Partnership and other organisations.

Some of my professional qualifications include:

  • Degree in Management and Business Studies (2000)
  • Marketing for Non for Profit Organisations (2000)
  • Professional Diploma in Global Trade and e-business (2002)
  • Diploma in Life & Business Coaching (2006)
  • Charities Institute Ireland - Fundraising Certificate (2018)
  • Charities Institute Ireland Budgets and Financial Planning (2018)
  • QQI Training & Development – Special Purpose Award (2019)
My Story

My journey started a long time ago, through different life times and dimensions. Most of them I can't remember.

Pain has been a great catalyst in my life. Physical, emotional and even psychological.

I suffered with endometriosis since I was 12 years old. Mood swings, chronic fatigue, energy levels going up and down like a yoyo... and pain... a lot of pain. The psychological limitations and consequences from all that were a minefield but as I didn't know any better... it didn't make a difference... it was the only reality I knew.

In 2002, while living in Dublin I went to a workshop near the Bleeding Horse pub to do Reiki I. I knew it had something to do with energy... but to be honest I didn't have a clue of what it was. And I was probably better of! lol But that weekend was a turning point in my life and the beginning of an spiritual journey.

I always believed in magic, and non-ordinary experiences where always present since I was a child. From manifestation, to healing, seeing and hearing spirits and a level of sensitivity to people and places that sometimes was difficult to manage. I had recurrent dreams and nightmares that manifested in adulthood and visions were quite dominant even through my 30s. Not to be able to explain certain things and the thought of sounding crazy put a good restrain for many years not only in my abilities but also in my social interactions.

It was in 2005 when things started to get really interesting. I was 28 years young and got Mononucleosis (the Kissing Disease) and a book: The Celestine Prophecies by James Redfield. After few weeks of rest in Spain I came back to Dublin and everything started to go really wrong, relationship, job, I wasn't able to walk down Leinster Road in Rathmines to get some bread. One day I made a call to a friend and 3 days later I was in Kildare doing Reiki 2. I went from being really sick and not be able to read or even watch telly from exhaustion, to a miraculous recovery. Two weeks later I was working full time, doing a lot of overtime and the already enrolled in Reiki 3.

In early 2006, after my Seichem training I had an extremely intense spiritual experience. It was my first rebirth even do I that time I didn't have a term or awareness of it. I'll always remember going home that evening and that the cats didn't recognise me and ran away scared when they saw me. Thank God my voice didn't change so by talking to them they came to terms that it was still me. It was so funny... and weird!. After that, I was so open spiritually and energetically that I was living in a multidimensional reality 24/7 and grounding wasn't my best skill at that time.

Through that period healing was at peak, I used to facilitate in a women's refuge and taking clients in a small bedsit in Rathmines. But what I wasn't aware of, but became clear shortly after initiations, is that my journey was going to go the tough way and with very little or no human support.

My inability to conform to timelines through my experiences and the continuous challenge by spirit, made my life to move so quickly it was hard to keep up. Then in 2008 I had an awakening, a second rebirth. And after that experience I wasn't the same person anymore. A year later, I adopted the name of Elora. A name I felt as mine since I was 14 and that in a strange way 30 years later was going to give me a strange clue about my purpose and spiritual path.

But adopting the name Elora it was a way of making the point that I'm my own creation and the designer of my own destiny.

In 2006 I also started a Diploma in Life and Business Coaching. The main reason was because I was finding very difficult to get support through my experiences. Or I was moving so fast that I would outgrow some of my teachers really quickly and they were not able to support me through "all" it was going on. So this "coaching" thing seem to be completely logical and something I could do with!.

What it was really interesting for me was to move through different ends of the spectrum at the time... from the more psychological and rational to the more spiritual, and everything in between.

It was around that time (2005/2006) when I got to start practicing Mindfulness even do at that time we didn't call it that. Practicing gratitude was as normal as having a cuppa and going to some exclusive private circles in Dublin and Wicklow gave me a lot of exposure to Vedic Philosophy and other fascinating disciplines. But all this growth was organic, unplanned, non structured and had lots of ups and downs. Teachers came and went in all forms and shapes... and they still do.

For few years I was pretty much going to anything I could find that was a bit "out there". And my curiosity had no limits... only my pocket! lol.

Since then I have seen the best and the worst from people working in the field. The ego, the hunger for power, the dependency so people would come back for more, the lack of boundaries, the gifts that turn into curses and the resistance to grow as humans. Be the healers but not do the work at personal level, basically: talking the talk and let someone else to walk the walk. I have left meetings and workshops and I have also been kicked out of others. Still funny and I'm still quite proud of it.

But the truth is that I have also seen the generosity and love from many others. Most of them might work in the shadows, unseen yet doing the real work. But being in the shadow is a tricky place and as I like to say: what's the point to light a light to hide it behind a door?.

It was around 2009 when the imbalance between the development of the gift and the development of the person started to become nearly and obsession. And I made my mission to ensure I would be the clearest channel I could be to work with Spirit. But soon after that, my faith in my relationship with the Universe crashed a bit due to my attachment to certain outcomes and experiences. And in a way... I went from "pretending" to be normal to "trying" to be normal for the next 7 years. 

During that time I focused more in the "rational" side of human development but it wasn't enough and I knew it. No channeling or practicing healing created a void that was filled with pain and illness and around 2015 due to Endometriosis and Chronic Pelvic Pain I was sometimes on to 4000mg of ibuprofen in one day.

So I crashed again, this time it was my body that said enough it's enough. There were days I could not walk and being in bed drugged was the bestcase scenario. I couldn't have a full time job and yet I accepted certain things in my life that physically I couldn't handle. I knew what was happening, why it was happening and I became a martyr of my own story. And I let it happened. Until one day, I looked myself in the mirror and I didn't know who I was anymore. And I was the one to blame for that.

At that point, pain levels were at peak. I would sometimes collapsed with no warning and I felt like a prisoner in my own body. Then the first of January 2017 arrived and I tore my life into pieces. Seven months later I was able to commute to Dublin, have a full time job and even take public transport in days where before I wasn't able to stand up any longer than the time it took to boil the kettle.

In July 2017 a series of events helped me heal what medicine told me could not be done. The damage done by 5 surgeries and a life time of pain ingrain in my DNA. And I went from 4000mg a day for at least 3 days every month, to 200mg only two or three times in a month. And I can live with that trust me.

What's possible and not possible is a personal choice. How much time we need to change, heal, transform is also a choice. But to know that intellectually is one thing but to live it, and know it in your heart and soul is a completely different matter.

The interesting thing was that with my own healing the ability to facilitate healing kept growing and even do I was resisting it my spirit guides didn't give me much option than surrender. It's not what I do... but what I am.

The last two years they have been a very interesting journey. Having to face that  "trying" to be normal doesn't work and "pretending" is not living my truth. Not because I would not be open about my experiences but because I didn't embrace all that I am. So when I did, the gaps in this jigsaw I call my life started to disappear and for once I could not doubt my purpose or what I am.

And just like that with no big fuss or big fanfare, the path of the Dakini just opened up in front of me. She looked into my eyes and said: "lady, you better be ready because I'm here to stay". And I surrendered.

To write these words and put this website and "services" together have been one of the most challenging things I have ever done. A battle between the mind and the spirit!. In the process of getting rid of labels and ego (still there don't worry!) suddenly I had to stop and try to use labels to communicate to you what I am, what I do. And I'm probably not succeeding very well, but I can tell you that it feels like if your whole being is turned inside out.

Trying to comply to the conformities of society, live in a small community, be a woman, a human that only wants to be and love unconditionally, transform the shadows and show some light when and where is needed is not an easy task. I'm a foreigner in every land and I'm at home in every corner, I don't relate to many rules but I relate to everyone and everything.

I don't confine in boxes and that can be confusing but if I was, I would only be able to support you in your journey as far as my box would allow. It's never about what I can offer... it's always about what you need. The challenge is that sometimes what we think we need is nothing more than a distraction or a solution presented by the same mindset that created the problem in the first place. But what you need is already within you.

So as each one of us is different there is no one journey or model to follow. We are so conditioned to quick fixes and happy pills that sometimes we refuse to see that only time creates diamonds and you are here to shine.

My practice is a combination of many elements, working at personal or business level. It's a space where manifestation, the mind, emotions, dreams, spirituality, excel spreadsheet, creativity, etc... collide. It's a blank canvas of unlimited opportunities and it can be as wacky or as rational you want. In reality is just different language... but is the same thing. At the end of the day, I'm only a mirror to reflect so you can decide what outfit suits you best. 

It is my duty in this lifetime to maintain the channel. Keeping it flexible, open, clean and as ego free as possible to facilitate in servitude and support your journey, connection an ultimate experience in whatever area of your life is needed.

It is my duty and honour to support you to go as far as you want to go for the good of all concerned and with no strings attached. And in the mist of all that use any tools needed to help you succeed.

PS. Yes, your guess is right, the really juicy bits are all between the lines.

Certificates and other bits
  • Degree in Management and Business Studies (2000)
  • Marketing for Non for Profit Organisations (2000)
  • Professional Diploma in Global Trade and e-business (2002)
  • Reiki I (2002)
  • Enneagram - advanced level (2004)
  • Diploma in Life & Business Coaching (2006)
  • Reiki II, III (2005)
  • Seichem I,II,III (2006)
  • Introduction to Shamanism (2006)
  • Crystal Healing I (2007)
  • Introduction to Channeling (2007)
  • Silva Method - self-empowerment & mind control programme (2007)
  • Certification in NLP (2008)
  • Certification in Results Coaching (2008)
  • Certification in Neurological Re-patterning (2008)
  • Certification in Ericksonian Hypnosis (2008)
  • Charities Institute Ireland - Fundraising Certificate (2018)
  • Charities Institute Ireland Budgets and Financial Planning (2018)
  • QQI Training & Development – Special Purpose Award (2019)
  • Holotropic Breathwork - Shamanism Ireland (2019)
  • Currently: Diploma in Psychology and Counselling


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